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More tools for less money. Get more done in less time from inside one platform.

Do More With The SoupCRM.

SoupCRM Devices

Delicious Lead Automation + Super Easy To Learn

No More 'Duct Tape' Marketing Approach

We've baked in most of what you need so you can save money by eliminating many of those other pesky subscriptions.

SoupCRM Replaces

SoupCRM provides 'One Inbox'. Two Way Texting, Phone, Video Email, Email, Power Dialer, Ringless Voicemail, Direct Mail and Gifting all in one place.

We've Done The Heavy Lifting!

Campaign Automation

Whip up winning campaigns. Customizable and flexible campaign builder let's you write your own recipe for lead conversion.

One Multichannel Inbox

Everything you need in one pot! SoupCRM makes it easy to manage all your communication channels in one place. 

Multiple Sales Pipelines

No more guessing your leads lifecycle stage. Simmer your leads with easy, drag and drop pipelines, campaigns, actions, activities and triggers

Powerful Lead Finder

It's our secret sauce! Bring your business to a boil using our 'Circle Prospecting and Geofarming' list builder. It truly is the ultimate garnish.

Serve Up Service. With SoupCRM, Your Leads, Contacts and Customers Will Always Be Easy To Reach...

Lightweight + Efficient.

Lead Management

Dish out leads while they're piping hot for maximum conversion. 'Round Robin' or 'First to Claim'. You decide!

Customer Nurture

Simmer and stir customer relationships by mixing things up and keeping them fresh. Email, SMS, Phone Dialer, Voicemail Drops, Video Email, Direct Mail/Gifts.

Connect & Share

Break bread and share the love (and the leads) with the Team through multiple pipelines options, campaign sharing or adding collaboration partners.

Live Reporting

Turn up the heat and dish up tasty data using prebuilt business reports. Make data-driven decisions and take your business to the next level

What Others Are Saying

Just what I needed!

"Finally a CRM I can actually use and understand without needing a masters degree in computer science. Thanks for keeping it simple and user friendly"

What's not to like?

" Simple design. I really like the drag and drop pipelines and to have video email included at no extra cost. That saves me about fifty bucks a month right there."

Love, love, love the Geo Farming tool.

" For anyone that wants to do geo-farming, circle prospecting or just building a list, the geo-farming tool is truly amazing."

A lot of bang for the buck.

" I like that you get enterprise level features at a reasonable price point, and only pay for the things I actually need and use."


For Teams or Individuals


per month

  • Email and Video Email

  • Custom Campaign and Trigger Automation

  • Drag and Drop Sales Pipelines

  • Custom Forms and Surveys

  • Calendar

  • Zapier and API integrations

  • Facebook Integration

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Direct Mail and Gifting*

  • Ringless Voicemail Drops*

  • Power Dialer*

  • 2 Way Texting/SMS-MMS*

  • Geo Farming** (optional addon)

  • Landing Pages JUST ADDED

  • *Pay only if you use features.
    Plan includes a $5 monthly rollover credit towards use these features.

Get it while it's hot!
Multichannel Inbox + Unlimited Contacts + Automation = SoupCRM  

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

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